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" Natural stone care UNLIKE any other."

Care Instructions For Stone & Tile Surfaces


  • Use interior and exterior mats at all entrances to keep dirt and grit off floor.
  • Dust mop or vacuum floors frequently.
    (Use a non-oily residue dust mop treatment.)
  • Wipe up spills immediately.
  • Wet Mopping
    - use only a quality string mop & Floor Clean & Conditioner.
    - Damp mop as needed (ring out almost all water solution and mop floors).
    - Flood mop high traffic areas as needed (to flood mop, flood one section of the floor at a time and allow water solution to set for several minutes, then pick up with mop).

Showers, Table & Bar Tops, Vanities

  • Apply Stone Spray to shower walls, table & bar tops, and vanities.
  • Squeegee or towel-dry shower walls daily.
  • Use coasters under drink glasses.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.
  • Clean showers, table & bar tops, and vanities weekly with Neutra Clean.
  • Disinfect shower and toilet areas weekly with Disinfect Clean.
  • Monthly or quarterly, re-apply Stone Spray as needed.


  • Clean toilets, floors, basins, showers and other high use areas daily with Neutra Clean.
  • Clean toilets, floors, basins, showers and other high use areas weekly with Disinfect Clean.
  • Clean glass and mirrors with Glass Clean as needed.
  • Stubborn stains, hard water deposits or toilet rings may be removed with Jell Clean or pumice stone.

Kitchen Counter Tops

  • Clean frequently with Neutra Clean daily stone cleaner.
  • Use cutting boards and hot pads when possible.
  • Disinfect weekly with Disinfect Clean.
  • Apply stone spray weekly.

Helpful Hints... "To Make Your Care Easier."

  • NEVER use vinegar, acid based cleaners or harsh abrasive cleansers.
  • Interior and exterior walk-off mats at major entrances are a must. Don't forget the garage door!
  • Stone floors should be dust mopped more often, and wet mopped less often. Dirt and grit cause the most wear; therefore, eliminating them is best for your floor. (Over wet-mopping can result in soiling the grout and lower areas in the stone.)
  • When using a dust mop, treat the mop head with a non-oily residue treatment, this will help attract and hold dust. (Can be purchased through NSCP or from janitorial supply stores.)
  • When grout becomes soiled, flood mop floors with Floor Clean & Conditioner, then scrub grout and tile with a soft-bristled brush, pick up water with mop.
  • Use leather pieces on the bottom of chairs and stools that are moved frequently. (scrap leather can be purchased at shoe repair stores. Cut to fit and glue on the bottom of chair legs.)
  • Chairs with rollers should be avoided on some stones. (travertine, limestone and marble)
  • When severe deposit rings build up in toilets, use pumice stones and rub away. (this can be purchased through NSCP or from janitorial supply stores.)
  • When cleaning heavily soiled areas, apply cleaning product and let dwell for a few minutes. This allows the agents in the cleaner to do its job, making your job easier.