Company History
" Natural stone care UNLIKE any other."

Our History

The History of Natural Stone Care, Inc.


atural Stone Care was founded in 1970 by Jerry & Pam Collins, the original name was Execu-clean. This start-up company consisted of Jerry going door-to-door selling window washing and interior maintenance services to fine homes, while Pam ran the office and did phone solicitation.

Natural stone was a common component in these residences, so learning through research, testing and trial (along with some error), Jerry perfected many techniques to maintain the stone surfaces of the day. As the company grew it expanded to commercial properties while gaining a reputation for its stone care services.

Through the ensuing years natural stone became more prevalent in fine homes. The ability to treat and seal all the new stone materials required expertise... a spontaneous fit for Execu-clean technicians. As time progressed knowledge, craftsmanship and skill to restore and maintain natural stone surfaces became the primary service of Execu-clean. The attachment to the name "Natural Stone Care" was added. Within a few short years the "Execu-clean" name was forsaken (along with all other services) except natural stone care... hence the name officially became NATURAL STONE CARE, INC.

NSC has a well tenured staff of consultants, technicians and craftsmen. We pride ourselves on knowledge and experience for proper diagnosis and application to improve the appearance and performance of stone installations.

Many of the skills used for centuries by artisans are still utilized today. Yet, NSC has years of research, development and field-testing, which have produced contemporary innovations to procedures, products and equipment. "The art of 'old world' practices blended with modern technology generate exquisite, unmatched stone finishes."