Product History
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History of Our Products

The History of Natural Stone Care Products, Inc.


atural Stone Care, Inc. is a 40-year-old, Phoenix-based, stone restoration company specializing in upgrading and maintaining natural stone surfaces.

While re-finishing stone in thirty plus homes a week, questions arose about what cleaning products to use on the multiple stone surfaces. Many of our service calls were to repair stone damaged by popular, everyday cleansers.

In the mid 1980’s NSC’s “stone safe” cleaner called “Neutra-Clean” was created, which was used primarily as a floor cleaner. It was so popular, local janitorial supply stores could not keep it in stock. However, it soon became obvious a variety of more “surface specific” products were needed. Some stone unique cleaners were available commercially, but had to be “special ordered” and were often confusing to pre-mix and use. The need was glaring for an “easy-to-use” line of stone cleaning products designed for the household industry.

Thus the journey to create the ultimate line of stone cleaning products began; it involved research, development, testing, submittals, trial and error. It involved many divisions in the departments of the FDA, EPA and Underwriters Laboratory. Finally, a safe, user-friendly line of stone cleaning products was created. And best of all... the products work better than any other stone cleaning and maintenance products in the industry.

A floor cleaner that increases slip resistance, a true disinfectant which kills salmonella, viruses, E. Coli, etc. A water/stain deposit remover containing NO Acids. Non-streaking counter and glass cleaners, plus a protective spray that makes cleaning your showers and high water-use areas a breeze.

Natural Stone Care Products were designed and produced for you to easily maintain the elegant stone surfaces in your home or office. PLEASE TRY one or all and see they truly are -

stone care made easy!