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Types of Stone Finishes

Calcium Stones:

The finishes on these stones help define their character. Usually smooth, these stones can show a "honed" or "polished" finish. Resurfacing techniques can improve and alter the stone to more consistent satin or high gloss preference.







Honed Finishes Display A "Less-Than-Polished-Look"

They can range from flat to semi-gloss in luster. Tumbled, acid-washed, saw-cut, filled or unfilled are all types of honed stone. Travertine, marble and limestone have been the traditional honed stones; however, recent design and technology now produce cleated stones such as slate, flagstone and cantera as smooth honed materials.

Polished Finishes Display a High Gloss Appearance

Compounds, powders or abrasives being worked over the stone's surfaces achieve lustrous finishes. The glossy appearance is the stone's own luster, not a topical acrylic or urethane. Marble, travertine and some limestone can acquire a brilliant high gloss luster.

Clefted & Porous Stones:

Cleaning & Sealing With Our Matte Sealer

These extravagant stones are utilized for both interior and exterior surfaces. Cleaning and sealing with penetrating sealer offers the "natural look" and is efficient for exterior and low traffic interior applications. For interior floors with moderate to active traffic, multiple coats of topical acrylic sealer are recommended. These topical sealers can render an enhanced look from satin to high gloss as well as providing excellent protection and easy maintenance. Exterior stone and high water use areas should only be sealed with penetrating sealer. Topical sealers will peel and flake off. They can also trap moisture, which causes accelerated erosion.





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